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Video Works!

January 27, 2017


One of my clients, DFC, the wedding entertainment specialists are often immersed in the world of video.


As wedding hosts, DJs and the provider of all things musical at weddings, they often find themselves the subject of the lens for wedding videographers looking to get those all important B-roll shots.


I've been trying to get the team to get on camera for a long time, but they've not been budging. Preferring to concentrate on what they provide, rather then who they are, I cajoled and prodded but to no avail.


Then we held a strategy day just before Christmas and really cemented the fact that wedding hosting is such a valuable service to people getting married AND the team at DFC are the regional experts at this.


A wedding host will look after the musical and entertainment needs for your whole day. A stylish compere, DJ, presenter, entertainer, often comedian and sometimes even a singer. DFC's wedding hosts are individual performers and are paired with the right couples on their big day.


75% of the work a wedding host does is away from the DJ booth and the microphone, and involves engaging with guests on a personal level. We discovered this on the strategy day. Everyone was in agreement. With that in mind, I asked the question why we didn't profile the individuals who provide this service. After all, people buy from people.


A chance has come up to showcase the work of wedding hosts, DJs and the array of multi-talented musicians in their Artists by DFC portfolio. I used this opportunity to refuse the usual blog/social media/mailchimp route and instead insisted that we use video too, and the power of not just the story of the upcoming event, but show the personalities of the team too. I decided to include bloopers on the video and it is these bloopers that have had the biggest impact. The video is fun. It is engaging. It is real. As such, it was shared in a big way for a local event on a Sunday afternoon and over 35,000 people have been reached organically with the event fully booked. 


Guess what? 


It's fully booked.


We didn't spend a penny.


We just used story and told it via video.


Filmed and edited by myself with clips from previous showcases by Roland Turner of RTP Films.


Take a look at it here and stick around for the outtakes:




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