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James Calderbank Wins Prestigious Business Award

March 22, 2018


Wednesday, March 21 was the date and the Mercure Dunkenhalgh hotel in Accrington was the setting for the Federation of Small Businesses Awards 2018.


My 1-2-1 client, James Calderbank, was shortlisted for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award and he only went and brought home the bacon!


I was really honoured to be there along with his mum and dad, gran and girlfriend to see him pick up the trophy.


Case Study: James Calderbank - Transformation Coach




I started working with James just 11 months ago on a 1-2-1 basis. He is a personal trainer with bags of personality, charisma and a massive lean towards mindset as the key to lasting transformation.


We initially met up once a month from April to August 2017 working on his website copy and the look and feel of his brand and how best to target his ideal customers.


I rewrote his web copy, created ebooks and questionnaires for his clients, helped with social media content and also recorded a series of videos promoting his services. We also had a great laugh taking lots of new, high quality imagery for his social media and website.


I gave James some easy to implement strategies when it came to marketing his business and then watched him soar.


In September, our work died off as he focused his attention on personal mindset coaching, which I actually recommended to him. He hired me to complete his award entry remotely for the FSB awards in the interim and it was an easy one-pager, completed within a couple of hours rather than the usual 2 day award entry slog. 


We met up for brews and kept in touch via our usual WhatsApp banter and I watched from the sidelines with pride as he grew and grew.


In 2018, we had a session in early March to film a testimonial video of one of his brilliant clients, single mum Angela Kilpatrick. It was the first time we'd worked together for ages and I was really pleased to be able to tell Angela's story and promote James in the process.



I finished the edit and sent across and we made plans to work again next month.


Then two weeks ago, James made a massive and brave decision to leave the comfort of the personal training company he'd been with for many years and to open his own boutique training facility in Preston. 


One thing I forgot to mention is that James is only 25. When we first met, I asked him what his big dream and goal was and it was to open his own gym. In his head, he thought this might happen in his 40s. Yet this awesome dude has made it happen in less than a year!


He will open The Transform Hub in Preston next month and focus on group personal coaching alongside private 1-2-1 personal training.


So we've worked furiously behind the scenes on new web copy, vision and values, a new client journey. New branding was instructed with the help of the clever creative people at STMS Media and The Transform Hub is almost ready to launch!



It is absolutely inspiring to watch James grow and change personally and in his business. He made a decision to focus on group coaching initially as a way to free up his time, offer cost effective coaching to clients while increasing his own hourly rate.


Yet he quickly observed that the group scenario held something special - community and comaraderie.


He noticed that his 6am classes for men were attracting busy over 30s, who wanted the exercise to fit in before work.


He noticed that his busy mums wanted classes after 7:30pm, to be able to do the kids bedtime routine and then train.


He noticed that he loved to coach busy people, usually over 30, usually parents, who had spent years putting themselves last.


He observed that they responded really well to mindset coaching. They were able to drop the excuses of no time, or kids, or work and realise their own self worth. They were able to discover the deep-rooted reasons why they'd put on extra weight, or felt constantly in a fog, or they were stressed.


His clients emerged happy, healthier, less stressed, more energetic and feeling like they had "got themselves back". The fat loss was just an additional bonus!


Realising that he'd hit on a winning formula for lasting transformation, James found his own training facility and in six short weeks will launch it. It's looking like his classes will be fully booked from the word go!



So as you can see, a very deserving winner of the FSB's Young Entrepreneur Award and I cannot wait to see where the next year takes him.


Well done James!


Winning Awards for your Business


If you've always wanted to win an award for yourself or your business efforts but don't know where to start, get in touch! I have a 100% successful record in getting clients nominated and shortlisted for awards.


Winning an award can make a massive difference to your business. It builds trust and is a wonderful way to shout about your efforts.


The award entry process is also very valuable and enjoyable. It is an exercise in positive reflection and really makes you feel good and proud of your achievements as you look back at your business story. I find involving staff in the award entry process to be highly valuable and can boost staff morale. There's nothing better than taking your team out of the daily slog of running of the business and celebrating achievements great and small.


Get in touch and let's have a chat.


Gem x



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