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Free Energising Morning Meditation

October 20, 2019


Fancy a FREE energising morning meditation?


Over on my Self Discipline group on Facebook we've been sharing our favourite meditation tracks this week. I have ended up frustrated trying to find tracks I liked. I've listened and stopped more tracks than I've completed.


A few things struck me when doing extensive research to find tracks I resonated with;


1) The top meditation tracks on YouTube are mainly voiced by men


2) The music can be awful


3) Most of the top tracks are really long like 30mins to 3 hours. I wanted to create something people could do in 10 minutes


4) Most of the top tracks are about sleep. Many meditations make me fall back asleep and I wanted something to energise me in a morning


So I got to work with my home studio set up and wrote the script then recorded my own meditation.


It was hilarious trying to record it in a soothing voice (my 'sex' voice!) and I kept having to stop to laugh. Yet I did it! All recorded, music chosen and downloaded and mixed together. 



I visualise light coming into the space in every part of my body and driving out darkness and negativity.


I'm not sure where this came from but it is how I have visualised most of my meditation sessions for years. I decided to share this visual representation of how I meditate as I always feel good after doing it this way.

If you'd like your free copy of the meditation audio, please click here, follow the instructions and the email fairies will send it direct to your inbox.


Gem x


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