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#SelfTrustChallenge Introduction

February 4, 2020



Would you like to participate in a challenge for 28 days to move you from procrastination and inaction to bossing your goals like a badass?


Welcome to the #SelfTrustChallenge!


I recently completed the #75Hard challenge set by Andy Frisella. It was amazing and exactly what I needed. You can read all about it here.


In the two weeks since finishing the challenge, I have tried and failed to get going again. I tried to give up swearing for 28 days and failed every single day. I mean, it's part and parcel of who I am and was a really fucking stupid goal to set. Everyone told me I wouldn't manage it - they were right!


This two week period has allowed me to put the finishing touches onto my own challenge and I'd love for you to join in. If something like #75Hard is a bit too much of a commitment then how about setting four simple things to commit to each day?


Why "Self Trust" and not "Self Discipline" challenge?


Yes, I wrote a book about self discipline. Which is exactly the reason why I wanted to take part in #75Hard in the first place. I was starting to feel like a fraud and even though I was disciplined in so many areas of my life, my health was taking a back seat.


Within the first two weeks of starting #75Hard I realised it wasn't about self discipline at all. It was about something much more motivating and powerful.




Specifically - trusting myself.




I had been continually letting myself down for a long period of time. I was in a spiral of making promises to myself and not keeping them. So once I started the drastic action and completed the daily discipline tasks set on the #75Hard programme I started to regain that trust in myself again.


It is a wonderful feeling to be able to look at yourself in the mirror with pride. I'd spent years constantly being angry and annoyed at myself for letting myself down. So trusting myself and keeping my promises stirred up something powerful in me that spurred me on.


So this is why I named this the #SelfTrustChallenge. It isn't something I can do for anyone else. I've no desire to run this as a paid programme and keep everyone accountable. I feel that getting to a point of knowing YOU and ONLY YOU can make a change is what made the difference for me personally.


So if you want to get out of your own way, trust yourself again and be able to look yourself in the mirror and know you can keep your promises to yourself - then why not consider taking part?


The programme is 28 days long. Keep yourself accountable. Start it at any time. It is your journey. Share your progress on your social media channels or join us in the free Facebook group.



The Mandatory Daily Tasks


  • 30 mins exercise minimum daily (can be outdoor or indoor)

  • 3 litres of water minimum daily (can include herbal tea)


The Personal Daily Tasks


  • 2 personal daily tasks of your choice that you commit to every day


These should be tasks that move you from inaction into action. They must be very specific.


For example writing "Eat healthily" is very generic.


What do you currently do that you'd class as 'unhealthy' that if you stopped it would have a positive impact?


"1 bag of crisps per day"

or "3 meals per day no snacks"

or "Takeaway only on the weekends" ...


...is more specific and tangible.


You need to be able to say a positive "Yes I completed this!" every single day so don't make it ambiguous and don't change the goal posts.



Outdoor Exercise


Where possible try to do your 30 minutes exercise outside. Getting out into the fresh air changes your mood and perspective. It doesn't matter if it is raining, cold and windy. It isn't going to kill you is it?


Originally I had made the exercise part to be completed outside a mandatory daily task. I had a couple of people message me to say they wanted to take part but due to childcare or being a single parent and their working hours they would struggle to always get outside every day.


When a single mum comes home from work at 6pm, gets the kids from the childminder, takes them to their clubs, makes tea, bath and bed it's not possible for her to head out with the kids at 9pm for a half hour walk. So this one is for the people who will genuinely struggle to get outside for 28 days.


If you really can get outside for 28 days and have no excuses with kids and commitments then I highly recommend it. There's something fabulous about pushing yourself to get out in the snow, wind, rail and hail and coming back home with a smug smile on your face.





  • No, coffee doesn't count but herbal tea does

  • Yes, fizzy mineral water counts (it still hydrates you but watch out for bloating)

  • No cordial doesn't count

  • Getting 3 litres of fresh water in you daily is AMAZING

  • Yes you will need to pee A LOT at the start but it settles down after a few days


Alcohol & Cheat Meals


Many discipline programmes don't allow you to drink alcohol or eat cheat meals.


I have kept this challenge purposely short and simple with the responsibility on yourself to choose your own daily tasks. I have set it as 28 days so that you can build on your own habits each month. So in month 1 you might say "No mid-week drinking" and then in month 2, repeat the 28 days but step it up a gear and add in no drinking at all.


You don't have to give up the booze or your way of eating for this challenge. As long as you're getting your exercise and drinking water, the other two daily tasks are your choice. This isn't a weight loss challenge. It is a mental health challenge proving that you can be your own best cheerleader.


While not drinking and not eating cheat meals might be fantastic for one person (I know it works for me), that might be too much for someone else.


Personal Daily Tasks


I'm not a nutritionist, body composition coach or life coach so I'm not here to tell you what your daily tasks should be.


What I would suggest you choose is something you really really want to add or take away from your life. It will be something you keep intending to do, or really want to give up, but you can't seem to get a focus on it long enough to achieve it.


Examples of personal daily tasks set by others;


  • I will walk 10,000 steps per day

  • I will get all clothes, bags, shoes ready every evening for the next day

  • No takeaways for the 28 days

  • No coca cola for 28 days

  • I will meditate daily

  • I will journal daily

  • I will write 3 things I am grateful for every day

  • I will write my book daily (this is mine!)

  • I will read for 30 mins/10 pages every day

  • I will save money every day

  • I will buy nothing new for 28 days

  • I will phone my mum every day

  • I will clear my email inbox daily

  • I will turn off social media at 9pm every day

  • I will turn the wifi off in the house at 8pm every night

  • I will prepare all meals from scratch every day

  • I will read with my daughter every night

  • I will do my hair and put makeup on every day

  • I will walk the dog every morning

  • I will plan out my next day every night

  • I will post on my business pages every day

  • I will blog every day

  • I will ring 5 new sales prospects every day

  • I will take a photo a day

  • I will do yoga/stretch daily

  • I will visualise [future event] daily

  • I will turn the TV off by 11pm every night


Repeating the Challenge


I have set this as a 28 day challenge so that you can stack your habits month by month.


This month I am writing for 30 minutes every day on my second book and meditating then journaling the thoughts that come up in the meditation.


Next month I will repeat the challenge again and keep doing the writing and the meditating/journaling but then add in two more personal daily tasks. Probably something like stretching and turning my phone off by 9pm. I'll cross that bridge next month and reset my goals once this 28 day period is up.


I'll be blogging all about my own journey on this initial 28 days so keep checking back here on the blog daily or you can follow my Instagram stories and share your journey with me. www.instagram.com/gemmadeeray is my personal account.


If you would like to take part I'd love for you to use the hashtag #selftrustchallenge on social media so I can see how you're doing and interact with you.


I hope you find the challenge useful. As ever, please join the free Facebook group if you're looking for additional support and accountability.


I have also created a kid's edition of the self trust challenge. For the templates and more information please click here.







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